P-ISSN 2587-2400 | E-ISSN 2587-196X

Volume: 7 Issue: 4 - 2023

MiRNA-433 and Cancers
Jie Tang, Desheng Ni, Song Li
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.16355   Pages  289 -  297 
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The Prognostic Significance of miR-613 in Malignant Tumors and Association with Clinical Characteristics: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Vinh Thanh Tran, Thang Thanh Phan, Khanh Quang Huynh, Toan Trong Ho, Suong Phuoc Pho, Hang Thuy Nguyen
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.24253   Pages  298 -  305 
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Emotional Intelligence in Female Children with PTSD After Sexual Abuse
Esra Demirci
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.59555   Pages  306 -  311 
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Enhancing Diagnostic Accuracy in Ovarian Tumour Assessment: A Combined Approach of IOTA Simple Rules and CA125
Sangam Jha, Akanksha Singh
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.29867   Pages  312 -  317 
(Viewed: 485)

The Cytotoxicity Effect of Recombinant Arazyme on Breast and Ovarian Cancer Cells
Roohollah Zarei Koosha, Abdolamir Ghadaksaz, Zoleikha Goleij, Ghazaleh Amjadi, Hamid Sedighian, Saber Mehdizadeh, Abbas Ali Imani Fooladi
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.32682   Pages  318 -  325 
(Viewed: 539)

Didymin Exhibits Different Cytotoxicity Patterns on U-87 MG Human Glioblastoma Cells and Orchestrates the Release of Substance P (SP) and Interleukin-6 (IL-6) in a Time Depending Manner
Naime Bulut, Ece Simsek
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.32728   Pages  326 -  333 
(Viewed: 467)

Identification of High-Risk Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR) and Their Interaction with Various TKI Drugs
Ananya Sharma, Raman Thakur, Shikha Mittal, Jata Shankar
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.33189   Pages  334 -  344 
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Music Listening Improves Patients’ Satisfaction with Colonoscopic Interventions: A Single-Center Randomized Clinical Trial
Xiaotian Sun, Te Yang, Xueting Zhang, Cuiyun Ma, Haiyan Yu, Chang Lu, Wei Zhang
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.46885   Pages  345 -  349 
(Viewed: 416)

Construction and Validation of Immune-related LncRNAs Signature to Predict the Prognosis and Therapeutic Efficacy of Breast Cancer
Shujing Wang, Jing Yang, Qin Tang, Qiang Wu
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.57111   Pages  350 -  361 
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Disturbed Expression of Memory T-cell Subsets could Alter the Outcomes in Adult Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Asmaa M. Zahran, Zeinab Albadry M. Zahran, Doaa A. Gamal, Ibrahim Khalid Ibrahim Elsayh, Sawsan M. Moeen, Mohammed M. Wahman, Marwa A. Sabet, Azza Mostafa AbdEllal, Safinaz Hussein, Khaled Saad, Amal Rayan
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.35138   Pages  362 -  370 
(Viewed: 505)

Identification of Potentially Therapeutic Target Genes in Metastatic Breast Cancer via Integrative Network Analysis
Hazel Jing Yi Leong, Hao Dong Tan, Wei Hsum Yap, Adeline Yoke Yin Chia, Serena Zacchigna, Yin-Quan Tang
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.80452   Pages  371 -  387 
(Viewed: 557)

Clinical Outcomes of Transarterial Chemoembolization Combined with Hypofraction Radiation Therapy for Unresectable Large Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Juanjuan Shen, Nanbao Zhong, Zhonghua Chen, Danyun Ma, Jianhai Lin
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.84034   Pages  388 -  395 
(Viewed: 405)

Comparison of Anti-Emetic Efficacy of Granisetron and Dexamethasone Supplemented or not with Aprepitant During Hepatic Arterial Infusion Chemotherapy Against Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Yu-Tong Cai, Yan-Shan Lu, Xiao-Ting Lin, Li-Ting Wang, Shu-Ying Luo, Lin Huang, Jia-Yong Su, Liang Ma, Jian-Hong Zhong
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.86329   Pages  396 -  401 
(Viewed: 443)

Catalyzing Breast Cancer Diagnosis: Ai Advancements in Mammography
Sawera Haider
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.93033   Pages  402 -  403 
(Viewed: 379)

Post-operative Care for Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients: A Concerning Reality
Rahul Anand, Gargi S. Sarode, Namrata Sengupta, Sachin C. Sarode
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.39936   Pages  404 -  406 
(Viewed: 366)

Organoid Intelligence for Timely Diagnosis of Oral Malignancies: Innovative Insights
Rahul Anand, Gargi S. Sarode, Namrata Sengupta, Deepak Pandiar, Sachin C. Sarode
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.44425   Pages  407 -  410 
(Viewed: 359)

Metamorphosing Neurosurgery: AI-Enabled Clinical Transformations
Sawera Haider
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.49294   Pages  411 -  412 
(Viewed: 364)

Opioid-Based Analgesia and Cancer Progression: A Mere Experimental Speculation?
Mirko Barone, Regina Frontera, Rita Vaia Liouras, Massimo Ippoliti, Ivan Dell’Atti, Luigi Vetrugno, Salvatore Maurizio Maggiore, Felice Mucilli
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2023.56093   Pages  413 -  414 
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