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Ejmo Kapak
EJMO Volume : 7 Issue : 1 Year : 2023

What can we do to help recovery, Earthquake in Turkey---->>>

Volume: 6 Issue: 3 - 2022

COP27 Climate Change Conference: Urgent Action Needed for Africa and the World
Lukoye Atwoli, Gregory E. Erhabor, Aiah A. Gbakima, Abraham Haileamlak, Jean-Marie Kayembe Ntumba, James Kigera, Chris Zielinski
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.66627   Pages  195 -  197 
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Is Pregnancy Characteristic Associated with Ovarian Cancer? A Review of the Available Evidence
Zohre Momenimovahed, Safoura Taheri, Azita Tiznobaik, Hamid Salehiniya
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.14462   Pages  198 -  209 
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Role of Endothelial Cells in Hematological Malignancies
Illy Enne Gomes Pereira, Maira da Costa Cacemiro, Juçara Gastaldi Cominal, Gabriel Dessotti Barretto, Fabíola Attié de Castro
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.67393   Pages  210 -  218 
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Simultaneous Integrated Boost Plan Comparison between Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) and Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) for Prostate, Seminal vesicle and Lymph Node Irradiation
Samuel O. Adeneye, Inioluwa D. Ariyo, Adedayo O. Joseph, Anthonia C. Sowunmi, Michael O. Akpochafor, Godwin Uwagba, Ibrahim EL Hamamsi, Abdallah. E. Kotkat
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.75665   Pages  219 -  225 
(Viewed: 8922)

Multi-Session Radiosurgery for Numerous Small Brain Metastases
Yoshimasa Mori, Yoshihisa Kida, Yasuhiro Matsushita
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.19797   Pages  226 -  231 
(Viewed: 8798)

The Involvement of Interleukin-10 Promoter Genetic Polymorphism in Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma from North Africa
Khalid Moumad, Wafa Khaali, Abdellatif Benider, Wided Ben Ayoub, Mokhtar Hamdi Cherif, Kada Boualga, Meriem Khyatti
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.78475   Pages  232 -  240 
(Viewed: 8819)

Downregulation of DKK-1 and Upregulation of B - Catenin in Cancer Floating Spheroids is Associated with Chemoresistance to Wnt Signaling Pathway Inhibitors
Vivek Kaushik, Juan Sebastian Yakisich, Yogesh Kulkarni, Neelam Azad, Anand Krishnan V. Iyer
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.50709   Pages  241 -  246 
(Viewed: 8850)

Development of Cancer in Gall Bladder Polyps Detected on Ultrasound in a High Risk Population
Waseem Mirza, Anam Khan, Muhammad Sami Alam, Wasey Jilani
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.71721   Pages  247 -  250 
(Viewed: 8693)

The Molecular Dynamics Effects of Rutin on CDKS 2, 4 and 6: In Silico Modelling and Molecular Dynamics
Majid Asadi Samani, Dhiya Altememy, Javad Saffari Chaleshtori, Korosh Ashrafi Dehkordi, Fatemeh Asadi Samani
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.39682   Pages  251 -  257 
(Viewed: 8746)

VEGF and Ki-67 Expression in Colorectal Cancer: The Long-Term Impact on Recurrence and Mortality
Pedro Miguel Dias dos Santos, Inês Sá Pereira, Adhemar Longato, Sandra F Martins
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.88799   Pages  258 -  267 
(Viewed: 1074)

When Appearances Can be Deceiving: Sarcopenia and Obesity Paradox. Unsolved Issues in Critically Ill Surgical Patients
Regina Frontera, Mirko Barone, Massimo Ippoliti
doi: 10.14744/ejmo.2022.47068   Pages  268 -  270 
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