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Invitation from EJMO ( This invitation is only valid for Authors From Abroad)

We will host 6 colleagues at the National Immunotherapy and Oncology Congress
EJMO will be very glad to welcome you
With globalization, access to information has become easier, but it has failed to share our experiences.
Drug costs are constantly increasing. Drug costs began to push insurance systems and countries.

Among the applicants, our first guest : Prof.Dr. Ahmad Sarfraz from AdventHealth Cancer Institute, Florida State University, USA
Application and evaluation process is still ongoing
we invite our colleagues from abroad to share their experiences with us

- 4 author of 4 manuscript accepted to be published in EJMO in 2020 will be hosted at the National Immunotherapy and Oncology Congress.
- our 2 colleague from abroad who specializes on immunotherapy (without an article in EJMO ) will also be invited. (For application: you can send an e-mail to editor@ejmo.org or hilmikodaz@hotmail.com)
- Authors will also have the opportunity to speech for 30 minutes on the topic of their articles or on a topic related to current oncology.
- The aim is to share the knowledge and experience of the medical oncologists in our country and our colleagues from abroad.
EJMO publishes 52 articles each year
Authors From Abroad: 25 Article

Including below services in this invitation

For 4 authors and our 2 colleague who specializes on immunotherapy
All Flight Fares (Arrival and Departure)
4 days vip hotel room accommodation
Airport Hotel - Hotel Airport VIP transfer
Unlimited 24-hour Buffet food and drink during the stay
28/10/2020: Arrival in Turkey
28.10.2020: VIP transfer from the airport to the hotel after passport control
29.10.2020: 1 hour information sharing on oncology practices in your country (meeting young oncologists)
30.10.2020: Special Antalya tour for our guests (
31.10.2020: 30 minute presentations by 2 specialist on immunotherapy and 4 authors to medical oncologists
01.11.2020: VIP transfer from the hotel to the airport
01/10/2020: flight to your country from Turkey
5-day private health insurance
We will be very glad to welcome you

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