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EJMO. 2019; 3(3): 160-166 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmo.2019.32355

Why Cancer/Terminal Ill Diagnosis Unsuccessful in India : A Qualitative Analysis

Suantak Demkhosei Vaiphei1, Devendra Sisodia Singh2
1Research Scholar in Clinical Psychology, Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur, India, 2Department of Psychology, Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur, India,

The underlying aim of the study is to investigate the underlying reasons behinds the rapid growths of cancer populations and the cancer mortality rates in the present India. The study emphasis mainly on the cancerous factors,the underlying barriers behind the unfruitfulness of the terminal diagnosis, and the propose solutions or preventive measures in traditional ways. The current study is an analytical study on the collected data and reports of the following reliable sources: • The Population-Based Cancer Registries Data’ of the Central and State Governments. • The Data from National Cancer Registry and Regional Cancer Centers, • National Family Health Survey of India (NFHS-3), NICPR-National Institute of Cancer Prevention and Research, ICMR-Indian Council of Medical Research, Indo-Asia News Service (IANS), and Zee Media Bureau. The study also utilized the available journals database, along with WHO database. The researcher also accesses to the government’s data and hospitals documents on cancer statistics and their reports. The modern turns out to be a cancer hub and the world largest contributor to cancer mortality rates. The numbers of cancer effected people increases every year, while the government had minimal inputs towards the preventive measures against cancer/terminal illness. Keywords: Awareness, cancer, diagnosis, mortality rates, terminal Illness

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Vaiphei S, Sisodia Singh D. Why Cancer/Terminal Ill Diagnosis Unsuccessful in India : A Qualitative Analysis. EJMO. 2019; 3(3): 160-166

Corresponding Author: Suantak Demkhosei Vaiphei

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