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Why Cancer / Terminal ill Diagnosis Unsuccessful in India: A Qualitative Analysis

Suantak Demkhosei Vaiphei1, Devendra Sisodia Singh2
1Research Scholar in Clinical Psychology, Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur, India, 2Department of Psychology, Bhupal Nobles’ University, Udaipur, India

The increasing of the modern technologies requires the setting up of multiple factories and industries that produce smokes and chemicals, which polluted the air, water, and the environment resulting in putting lives in dreaded conditions. In fact, the coming of the modern era and the modern lifestyle gives birth to numerous deadly diseases like cancer and its related diseases, which increasingly takes the lives of many in the country.The cold-blooded killer ‘cancer’ becomes the major public health concern in India as a whole. Among all the problems existed across the world, the problems or the issues associated with cancer or terminal illness becomes the worldwide phenomenon that produces several unwanted worst experiences. Human polluting the water, soil, and the air continued, and the global burden of cancer affected populations rapidly increasing year after year. Unfortunately, India turns out to be the world most densely cancer populated regions and a cancer hub. The reason behind the rapidly increasing of cancer illness and its mortality rates in India is mainly due to people lack awareness on cancerous factors, no proper preventive measures, and the late detection of the symptoms at the advanced stages when cure is not possible. Keywords: cancer , Terminal Illness , Awareness

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