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EJMO. 2018; 2(3): 135-137 | DOI: 10.14744/ejmo.2018.58076

Evaluation of 1808 Newborns Hearing Screening Outcome

Ahmet Hamdi Kepekci1
1Division of Audiometry, Health Occupation High-School, Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University, Istanbul, Turkey; Department of Otolaryngology, Meltem Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey,

Objectives: We evaluated the results of hearing screening tests performed at our center during the study. Methods: In this descriptive study, 1808 newborns at our center between October 2015 and November 2017 were examined. Hearing screening tests were done according to the National Hearing Screening Protocol without discharge from the baby hospital. Results: In this study totally 1808 babies were designated for hearing screening test. According to the hearing screening tests, the percentage of babies who are suspected of hearing loss and referred to the reference center is 0.11%. Conclusion: Early detection of hearing the loss in newborns is important for early treatment. All newborns should be assessed in terms of their risk factors and all those involved in the risk group should be screened. In this respect, treatment of hearing loss children can be started for language and speech development can be achieved.

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Kepekci A. Evaluation of 1808 Newborns Hearing Screening Outcome. EJMO. 2018; 2(3): 135-137

Corresponding Author: Ahmet Hamdi Kepekci

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